Men Are Proudly Showing Off Their Bodies And 'Manties' On Instagram

Instagram, the social network formerly used for posting shots of avocado toast and drunken selfies, is now enabling men to get a little risqué.

In the last month, the tag #manties -- man panties -- sprang up across the app.

For apparently no reason at all, men across the globe began stripping down in the name of showing off their bodies.

Some attribute the movement to a void in the post-dad bod world.

All body types are represented in this trend.

It's not just oily, muscled men in manties.

Men with all types of bodies are taking the challenge, too.

Bustle suggests the trend might be a way for men to hop on the body positivity trend that's been so successful among women.

For some time now, there have been efforts to see women of all sizes as beautiful.

But men have felt the pressure to be perfect, too.

Maybe manties are a way to express body acceptance.

Or maybe it's just a tactic for showing off some flashy new duds.

Potentially, the photos are a way to display a public preference for fitted undies over saggy boxers.

Sometimes, it's easier just to accept a social media trend.

Yesterday, it was grey-haired young people. Today, it's manties.

Rock those teeny tiny undies, men.

Fit or not, you've taken a bold step.

You and your bod get a thumbs up for bravery.

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