Men Don't Care Hot Woman Has A Boyfriend When She Hits On Them (Video)

You shouldn’t place a super hot stumbling block in front of a bunch of douchey blind men.

Josh Paler Lin is on a quest to prove all men are scum or, well, something like that.

Actually, I’m not really sure what the point of this video is, but I will say I highly doubt if JPL was in a relationship and that girl started flirting with him, he wouldn’t try and get her digits.

My main issue with this video is its sample size of men is way too small to make any major conclusions, and she really only approached dudes who totally would help her cheat.

These guys honestly look like someone asked me to describe what a homewrecker looks like and, then, somehow made it magically appear.

It’s like throwing a chocolate cake into a Jenny Craig meeting.

Sure, in theory, everyone there is avoiding carbs, but you KNOW when that cake hits the ground they’re immediately thinking of how they’re going to get a slice.

Also, the end of this video is like a weird bro version of a PSA, but instead of Sarah McLachlan talking about saving puppies, it’s some guy with a frosted mohawk and a tight pink polo shirt preaching about how people didn’t cheat 50 years ago.

Has he seen "Mad Men"? "Mad Men" without cheating would just be a documentary about everything always working out.

Just like flash mobs, cheating happened in the past, it’s happening in the present and it will continue to happen forever.

The video is still fun to watch, but make sure you analyze the facts thoroughly before you write off the entire male population.