Man Wakes Up With No Testicles After Hooking Up With Woman In Sauna

A Russian actor woke up after a night out with an inviting woman to find his testicles missing.

The tragedy of soap opera star Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, began at a bar following a theater performance in Moscow, according to Daily Mail.

It was there where an individual described as a younger woman with blonde hair joined him for some more drinks.

She asked him to go to a sauna with her, and Nikolaev said yes, despite being married.

A police source said,

They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing.

Nikolaev's night apparently ended at a bus stop, where he found himself the following morning, in a great deal of pain with his pants covered in blood.

At the hospital, doctors revealed his testicles had been removed, but not just by some petty criminal. The procedure appeared to instead have been completed by a medical professional.

Police believe Nikolaev's beer was laced with a roofie-like substance before someone with the skills of a learned doctor removed his testicles.

Police think the organs were intended to be sold for profit.

Nikolaev apparently had to choose a new line of work after losing his testicles and is currently working as an animator for children's television or movies.

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