Man Shamed For Dancing Gets Last Laugh With A Dance Party Of A Lifetime


Cindrella and Sean O'Brien have one thing in common: They both found love at a ball. Although Cinderella may have gotten her prince, O'Brien found an entire support system.

O'Brien, 46, is best known as "Dancing Man," the heavyset Englishman who became an Internet sensation in early March after being shamed online by a 4chan user for attempting to bust a move.

When his story went viral, California resident Cassandra Fairbanks and her friends promised O'Brien a dance party.

Two days ago, she made that promise a fantastic reality.

Daily Mail reports fans of the story organized a party at Los Angeles nightclub Avalon Hollywood, and O'Brien received celebrity treatment with the help of several sponsors.

At the Avalon, O'Brien finally had his chance to groove freely.

Moby DJed at the incredible event.

And there was even a flash mob set to Pharrell's "Happy."

O'Brien posed for photos with his fans.

He danced the night away.

Monica Lewinsky, who's known for her public stance on cyberbullying, even showed up. She purchased O'Brien a morning-after foot massage.


A $30,000 check was donated to the Dance Free Movement's nonprofit partners who work against bullying.


After this support, O'Brien won't be afraid to dance ever again.


After the party, he was treated to lunch with burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.

He's been publicly thankful for the experience, which also included throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game.

Anyone and everyone should feel free to hit the dance floor.

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