Man Spends Over $700,000 On Fortune Teller To Get Woman To Love Him

by Sean Levinson

A Brooklyn man tried to get a girl to like him, but in the process, he was scammed by a fortune teller.

The unnamed marketing professional from East Williamsburg met a woman named Michelle when he was in Arizona during the summer of 2013.

He was in love, but Michelle did not feel the same way.

So, he sought advice from psychic Priscilla Kelly Delmaro after coming upon her Times Square office during a walk one day.

Delmaro said he and Michelle were indeed "twin flames," but her help would cost him $2,500 for the first visit and $9,000 for the second.

She then told the man in September of 2013 she would need diamonds to "protect his energy."

He bought her a ring from Tiffany & Co. for $40,064 under the promise it would one day be his engagement ring.

Now, it was finally time to visit Michelle's Los Angeles home.

She seemed happy to see him, but she backed out on the date they scheduled.

Delmaro said this was because he was being haunted by a spirit, so he needed to pay her two sums of $28,000 each, and they should stage a $40,000 funeral to convince the spirit he had died.

When this failed, Delmaro requested a "time machine" to cleanse his past. This came in in the form of a $30,000 Rolex.

The next step was to get the spirit to enter a bridge of gold and trap it in another realm.

Delmaro asked for $80,000 to buy an 80-mile bridge and then $90,000 for another bridge to occupy Michelle's spirit.

By the end of 2013, the man spent over $320,000 -- money Delmaro vowed to return when the spirit was vanquished.

Michelle died of a possible drug overdose in February of 2014.

Delmaro told the man she would "reincarnate" her in the body of a 31-year-old woman in Los Angeles.

The payouts to follow would force him to lose his apartment, sell his car and borrow money from friends.

He went to Los Angeles to find the new Michelle, but the 24-year-old woman he met did not seem like his former love.

It was only at this point, down $713,975, when he began to suspect Delmaro was scamming him.

The man went to the police and on May 26, 2014, the psychic and her male companion were arrested for grand larceny.

The two remain in jail, but their lawyer reportedly denies the allegations against them.

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