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Man Gets Lottery Ticket In Get Well Card From Dad And Wins $7 Million

Joseph Amorese wasn't feeling too great when his dad slipped a lottery ticket in a "Get Well Soon" card.

Well, Amorese is feeling a whole lot better now, thanks to winning $7 million.

The Pennsylvania native was home recovering from a recent surgery after experiencing a hernia when he received his father's card.

That's when the 46-year old, who works for Verizon, scratched the winning ticket and instantly became a millionaire, NY Daily News reports.

Amorese and his wife, Jodi, a social worker, both plan to keep their jobs and stay on the work grind.

Still, these two will surely be tempted to quit their day jobs as summer approaches and the new millionaires now have the money to travel the world.

Amorese has already announced he plans on taking his new wife on a second honeymoon.

The Amorese family celebrated during a ceremonial event at the dollar store, in New York, where his father bought the ticket Wednesday.

During the event, Amorese presented the golden ticket and was given a fat check from lottery officials that gives Amorese and his wife a cool $4.6 million after taxes.

Enjoy your vacation and new found luxury-filled life, Amorese.

Don't spend it all in one place.