Man Gets Caught With Five Wives, Seven Fiancées And Five Girlfriends

Sonko Tijan once joked that Austrians couldn't tell black men apart. He was proven wrong after a little social media research led investigators to his five wives, seven fiancées and at least five girlfriends, none of whom were aware of one another.

The 28-year-old, originally from Gambia, was caught in his own web of lies after his pregnant wife did a Facebook search of their last name.

She spotted photos of a man who looked just like Tijan in another woman's profile picture. He even shared the same name.

It was only downhill from there. Austrian detectives worked with Tijan's wives to uncover links to women across Austria and Africa.

Tijan has at least six children by different women, and his 16 conquests range between the ages of 22 and 44.

Tijan reportedly used the women for lodging and money, pulling them in with a false story about how he'd escaped violence in war-torn Africa before he would ask for funds.

He even asked a few for their jewelry. If the women questioned him, he simply disappeared.

Once detectives understood the magnitude of Tijan's scheme, they began to fear that he was on the lookout for new victims. With the help of Facebook, it became clear that Tijan was picking up new girls.

Police worked with one of Tijan's women and asked her to lend Tijan more money. The cops pounced when he arrived.

Tijan has reportedly set the record for bigamy in Austria. Tijan should spend a little time with the man who fathered 34 children by different women to learn his lesson.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: HBO/Big Love