Man With Down Syndrome Plans Beautiful Surprise To Ask GF To Move In (Video)

Of all the proposal videos we've ever shared (and there are lots), this one, released for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, is undeniably the most special.

The video, filmed by Italy's national Down syndrome association CoorDown, features 38-year-old Salvatore and his girlfriend, Caterina, both of whom have the genetic disorder.

Salvatore wanted to ask Caterina to move in with him, but he wanted to make the proposal special.

So he enlisted the help of a local a cappella group to surprise her at work and serenade her with a gorgeous rendition of Norah Jones' “Come Away With Me.”

As they sing, Salvatore drops to one knee and holds out a small box that contains a single key.

Patrons look on as he asks, "Will you move in with me, my love?"

Unsurprisingly, she accepts. They kiss as tears of joy stream down her face.

You will be wiping away tears, too.

Watch the sweet proposal up top and learn more about CoorDown and Down syndrome here.

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