Man Documents The Heartbreaking Progress Of His Mother's Dementia (Photos)

Jake Heath's mother, Jacqueline, is still here, but her mind has long since gone.

She suffers from Pick's Disease, a rare kind of early onset dementia that inspired her son to speak out about mental illness.

The 31-year-old Australian man recently posted a photo album of his mother's descent into dementia during the last decade.

The disease, originally misdiagnosed as menopause, hit her quickly. Jacquie experiences weight loss, confusion and sudden panic attacks.

Less than two months ago, Jacquie moved from solid to pureed foods.

Heath believes she's slowly fading and doesn't have long to live.

His father, who quit his job to act as a full-time caretaker, can barely get a reaction out of her anymore.

She no longer reacts to music or, for the most part, dialogue.

For Heath, the real pain comes from missing his mother's bright personality.

He explained in a Reddit comment how he's writing a book about the deeply religious, loving woman Jacquie was before illness took over.

Heath said, "She was a loving, generous woman."

"In my early twenties, my friends would sometimes come over to hang out with her more than me."

"She had a unique skill to love the unlovable."

Heath and his family love Jacquie unconditionally.

Nearing 60, the mother and wife primarily spends her time sitting quietly.

Last year, Heath put together an amateur documentary about the disease and how it affects his entire family.

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