The Male Swimming Sock Is So Ridiculous It Probably Shouldn't Exist (NSFW)

by Gillian Fuller

By this time of year, all anyone can think about is the warm summer days ahead.

Daydreams become vividly focused on the feeling of the sun's warmth on our skin and sand between our toes.

For “swimwear” designer Bobby Norris, however, daydreaming is more than idle thought: It's inspiration.

Last summer, Norris introduced the world to the (terrifying) asymmetric man thong and months later, the equally bizarre Bobby Ball Bag.

Norris' swimwear creation for this year, which has yet to be named, is essentially a dick sock.

Norris debuted his design by proudly wearing it on a beach in Tenerife.

The “suit” takes elements from both the asymmetrical thong and the ball bag, and combines it into one horrifyingly revealing design that cradles both dick and balls.

Like a sock, it slides on over the penis and has a little extra room to smash the boys in. Other than that, there's no supporting fabric, likely making it completely impractical for use.

Props to Norris for having the balls (pun absolutely intended) to model this catastrophe.

I just hope he's the only one. Ever.

Last year's Ball Bag:

And the asymmetrical thong:

2015's design, the cock sock:

Alternate name: the boulder holder:

Alternate name: the penis pouch:

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