Lucky Cow: Baby Calf Is Born With Perfect Number 7 On Its Head (Photos)

An adorable baby cow with an unusual marking was born over the weekend in Loretto, Pennsylvania. He sports a perfect number seven on his face.

Employees at the cow’s birthplace, Vale Wood Farms, named the calf Baby Ben, after the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and fellow number 7, Ben Roethlisberger.

Loretto is about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh and is referred to by locals as "Steelers Country."

According to the farm’s director of business development, Carissa Itle-Westrick, visitors to the farm will be able to meet the cute calf between October 1 and 19, as he’ll be on display when the farm’s pumpkin patch is open.

Vale Woods Farm is a dairy farm, meaning they don’t sell any meat from the animals and male cows are usually sold. However, Itle-Westrick said they’ll probably keep Baby Ben around at the farm for a long time, for breeding purposes.

Looks like Baby Ben's lucky number 7 truly is lucky.

H/T: Pittsbugh Post Gazette, Photo Courtesy: Facebook