People Are Actually Dressing Up As ISIS Jihadis For Halloween (Photos)

When Halloween rolls around, we dredge up the year's most influential pop culture moments and often poke fun at politicians and controversy.

But often, Halloween enthusiasts take their costumes a step too far. This year, people have taken it upon themselves to dress as jihadi group ISIS and post pictures to social media accounts.

While costumes are a way to poke fun at something that scares you, there's also a chance they could be perceived as taking a serious threat lightly.

Most of the world views ISIS as a symbol of violence and oppression, so donning a leather bodysuit and a niqab isn't the best way to honor the memory of slain humanitarians, journalists and soldiers.

The costumes that feature veils, samurai swords and turbans also encourage a Muslim stereotype that isn't necessarily how ISIS dresses or presents itself. Instead, wearing this costume is encouraging a racist tradition that blends all Muslims together into one veiled threat.

Grandparents dress as ISIS.

My grandpa's anti political correctness... and this is his Isis related #Halloween costume this year. #werenotrelated — Ilena (@ilena_meyer) October 26, 2014

The average man wears an ISIS costume.

There's even this nightclub-esque version.

Is this supposed to be funny?

Where's the Halloween parties... Isis will be there. #Skinny — T.J (@Skinny215) October 27, 2014

Even couples have been trying it out.

Here's another set of grandparents in costume.

Some even repurpose ninja costumes into ISIS executioner wear.

ISIS costume at the party I'm attending. #ebola suits were big, too. — Heidi Harris (@HeidiHarrisShow) October 26, 2014

Why even bring a fake gun to a Halloween party?

These costumes are disrespectful to lives lost.

The severed head is unnecessary.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Photos Courtesy: Twitter/Instagram