Kosher Tinder: JCrush Is The Jewish-Only Version Of Tinder

"Exclusive" is one word to describe this new app. "Every Jewish mother's dream come true" could be another.

Introducing: JCrush -- the mobile dating app designed specifically for Jewish singles looking to mingle.

Created by 28-year-old Sonya Kreizman, the app works in much the same vein as Tinder. Emerging just under a month ago, JCrush already boasts over 5,000 users in the US, Australia, the UK and Israel.

According to Kreizman:

"The global Jewish community lacked a modern tool that specifically catered to its demographic with a way to connect,” she said. “I believe that having an app at your fingertips will revolutionise the way Jewish singles meet."

As with Tinder, users are presented with photos of potential mates. Rather than swiping to accept or reject matches, however, JCrush users have three options. Voting "Crush" is a yes, and "Oy vey" is a hell no.

Users can also vote "Maybe," which seemingly means, "you're not exactly my type, but let's not be too hasty, do you know how hard it is to find a single, semi-attractive mate these days who also shares my religious values?"

via The Daily Dot, Photos Courtesy: J Crush