Kosher Tinder: JCrush Is The Jewish-Only Version Of Tinder


"Exclusive" is one word to describe this new app. "Every Jewish mother's dream come true" could be another.

Introducing: JCrush -- the mobile dating app designed specifically for Jewish singles looking to mingle.

Created by 28-year-old Sonya Kreizman, the app works in much the same vein as Tinder. Emerging just under a month ago, JCrush already boasts over 5,000 users in the US, Australia, the UK and Israel.

According to Kreizman:

As with Tinder, users are presented with photos of potential mates. Rather than swiping to accept or reject matches, however, JCrush users have three options. Voting "Crush" is a yes, and "Oy vey" is a hell no.

Users can also vote "Maybe," which seemingly means, "you're not exactly my type, but let's not be too hasty, do you know how hard it is to find a single, semi-attractive mate these days who also shares my religious values?"

via The Daily Dot, Photos Courtesy: J Crush