A Lot Of Jobless Millennials Are Convinced They'll Be Millionaires One Day

by Sean Levinson

Millennials are broke and living off their parents but remain convinced they'll be filthy rich one day.

That's what news and pop culture website Fusion found in a survey conducted last month.

One thousand Americans ages 18-34 were asked about their current and desired financial situations.

Nearly half of the participants still live at home, which is probably partially due to the fact that the economy made it more difficult for Millennials to find well-paying, full-time jobs after graduation.

The results of this next question (Do you expect to be a millionaire in your lifetime?) aren't much of a surprise considering becoming famous these days can seem so easy.

They are, however, a reflection of Generation-Y's quest to have a truly fulfilling, world-changing career despite the probability of achieving such a life.

According to Fusion, 28 percent of Millennials don't have full-time jobs, and 40 percent are living off their parents.

But 38 percent of Millennial men and 19 percent of women are confident they will be millionaires, as are 32 percent of older Millennials (ages 30-34) and 31 percent of Millennial college graduates.

Nearly all Millennials believe they will be homeowners, even though approximately 28 million of them don't go to school or make more than $10,000 a year.

Many credit Millenials for exposing the flaws of a college education but as the following results suggest, it was still worth every penny.

That's most likely because Generation-Y revealed those four years are less about grades and more about the experiences that prepare you for real-world interactions.

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