Jeep Leaves Frozen Imprint Of Bumper In Parking Lot After Ice Storm (Photos)

It's pretty clear Mother Nature is trying to make a seriously cold statement this winter, and even places that usually have mild weather are getting to experience a bit of her bone-chilling wrath.

Take North Carolina, for example.

This southern state is normally spared from most of the insane ice and snow we see up north. But this winter, some eerie things have been happening in the Tar Heel State.

Aside from the fact that it just had some pretty major winter weather, someone recently came across a phantom car fender that looks simply chilling.

No, seriously, this ghostly grill is made out of solid ice that formed on the front of a Jeep during an ice storm.

No one knows exactly how this ice formation came to be.

The most likely explanation is when the driver started up the car, it warmed up and partially melted the ice, separating it from the actual car and allowing it to remain intact as the car backed out of the spot.

These frozen fenders almost seem like delicate works of icy art, and they look pretty cool... no pun intended.

This may look like a phantom Jeep fender...

...but it's actually an ice formation left behind by a recent winter storm.

The heat from the car's engine probably allowed it to separate from the car, and it stayed in one piece thanks to all those icicles frozen to the ground.

This fender looks like a frosty piece of art, and there's no denying even Paul Wall would be impressed by this icy grill.

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