ISIS Suicide Bomber Drives Into Another Bomb And Flies 100 Feet In Air

Members of the Islamic State got a taste of their own medicine when one of its suicide bombers drove over an explosive on the way to an attack.

Video taken earlier this month (released by Kurdish authorities) shows a car driven by an ISIS suicide bomber get thrown into the air like a toy, backflipping several times before exploding.

Warning: This footage may contain disturbing content.

According to Daily Mail, the militant was heading towards Kirkuk, Northern Iraq, on April 12 to attack Kurdish troops when it hit the bomb, which may have been hidden alongside the road.

The prime minister of Iraq has requested an increase in international support on top of the airstrikes, weapons and military guidance currently provided by the West.

President Obama has repeatedly promised that American troops will not be engaging militants on the ground, which is why it is expected to take several years for the Islamic State's momentum to be permanently vanquished.

Over 3,000 American troops have so far been sent to Iraq to train the country's formerly out-gunned soldiers.

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