ISIS Bans Members From Wearing Nike Because Name Goes Against Beliefs

The Islamic State has decided that Nike products are sinful and will punish wearers with jail time.

According to Daily Mail, the terrorist group recently distributed a leaflet outside its headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, featuring a new list of clothing items its members cannot wear.

Most of the clothing was banned because it contained inappropriate language.

Nike, however, was chosen because the company takes its name from the Greek Goddess of victory, and the Islamic State vehemently disproves of the acknowledgment of any God that isn't Allah.

The word "Nike" also reportedly sounds similar to an unspecified Arabic word with a sexual meaning.

Jihadists argued about the Nike ban before it went into place, with one bravely claiming that he finds the clothing "comfortable."

But the leaflet states that anyone who buys or sells such products could face a fine, lashing or prison.

Earlier this month, it was revealed the Islamic State had banned skinny jeans, though it wasn't clear why.

Daily Mail now reports that men have recently been forbidden from wearing any sort of jeans because they suggest "sexual desire" and can possibly show the outlines of genitalia.

Several young men were reportedly forced to immediately put on pajamas the moment the ban was enacted to avoid imprisonment.

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