ISIS Now Targets Hipsters Who Wear Skinny Jeans And Smoke Cigarettes


The latest behavior the Islamic State has deemed un-Islamic and therefore sinful is wearing skinny jeans.

According to Daily Mail, the militant group has recently announced anyone who wears such clothing, is late for prayer or has music on his or her cell phone will be imprisoned.

These new restrictions were revealed by Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which is a group that documents the Islamic State's horrific activity, mostly within its Syrian headquarters.

Breaking these laws reportedly results in a jail term of 10 days, after which prisoners will take a test about the rules of Islam and only be released if they pass.

A fine will also be imposed on those who fail the test.

The Islamic State will also imprison cigarette smokers due to the Quran's prohibition of "slow suicide."

A giant pile of cigarettes was burned recently by the group's religious police, which regularly patrol the streets of its seized cities to make sure no one is violating their extreme interpretation of Islam.

Anti-smoking posters showing burning lungs can even be seen throughout its territory.

Numerous defectors of the Islamic State, however, have said their superiors would smoke cigarettes very often when they weren't in public.

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