iApocalypse: If Someone Sends This Text To You, It'll Crash Your iPhone


Your iPhone is in a great deal of danger because a very specific text message is shutting down phones left and right.

When this message is sent to a given iPhone, the phone crashes, shuts down and restarts.

In some cases, a user won't even be able to access his or her messages until the person who sent the text sends a follow-up message.

The text itself is an odd combination of the words "effective" and "power" and Arabic and Chinese characters.

It's unclear why this sequence of characters affects iPhones in this way, but it is being sent to quite a few iPhones out there as a prank or a more malicious move.

Here is what the text message looks like.

This is the response the message is likely to get.

Some people think it's pretty amusing to send this to their friends.

Yet, others weren't exactly thrilled about the text.

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