Insane Footage Shows TransAsia Plane Just Before Crashing Into River (Video)

A TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a river in Taiwan earlier today, killing at least 23 people.

Fifteen others have been injured and the remaining 20 people on board appear to be unaccounted for, according to The New York Times.

There were five crew members on the ATR 72-600 turboprop plane in addition to the 53 passengers, 31 of which were Chinese tourists.

Flight GE235 had just taken off from Taipei, Taiwan, for Kinmen, an island off the coast of the Chinese province of Fujian.

It struck a highway, injuring two people inside a taxi, before cartwheeling into a river in Taiwan's capital.

The Guardian reports  the taxi driver suffered a head injury but is in stable condition.

Multiple dash cam videos show the plane's terrifying descent.

A pilot had alerted air traffic control about an engine problem shortly before the crash.

The pilot reportedly said,

Mayday, mayday. Engine flameout.

The 42-year-old pilot had nearly 5,000 hours of experience, and his copilot, 45, had logged nearly 7,000 hours.

This is TransAsia's second tragedy in a little over six months.

The last took place in July and killed 48 people when a plane crashed into several buildings most likely as a result of the torrential winds of Typhoon Matmo.

That was the first deadly accident to occur on a Taiwan airline in 12 years.

The plane that crashed on Wednesday was just over a year old, going into service on April 2014 and receiving its last inspection on Jan. 26.

Its left engine had been replaced last year and has since flown for over 800 hours, while the right engine's racked up at least 1,000 hours.

TransAsia mostly flies to Taiwan and China, the Times reports, but also makes trips to Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Cambodia.

The hour-long flight from Taipei to Kinmen is made daily, transporting Chinese tourists and business travelers from Taiwan.

TransAsia has made a sincere apology but has yet to provide an explanation as to what caused the crash.

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