Inmate Manages To Escape From Jail By Walking Out The Front Door (Video)

Convicts don't often manage to escape from jail. Then again, guards usually watch the door.

Someone in the Brunswick County Prison in North Carolina has some serious explaining to do after officials discovered an inmate escaped -- by walking out the front door.

Now back in custody, William Earl Hewett allegedly posed as his brother, Curtis Hewett, who was set to be released that day. Officials neglected to verify the identity of the escapee prior to his release, thus allowing a recently incarcerated convict to literally walk out the door.

Once outside, William (rather stupidly) made a run for it, alerting officials to his mistaken identity.

The escape was caught on the prison's security camera, and after a search, officials recaptured the escaped convict. One prison staff member was fired, and there will likely be more action taken as the investigation unfolds.

Further, Curtis Hewett has been charged with helping his brother escape, and he likely faces more jail time.

The lesson to be learned: If you manage to escape jail, play it cool.

If you act like an assh*le and blow your cover, well, then nobody really wins.

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