Hundreds Of Strangers Come To Girl's 10th Birthday After No Kids Come


Jenny Moretter wanted her daughter Mackenzie's 10th birthday to be special.

So she planned a big party at her Shakopee, MN, home and invited all of Mackenzie's classmates to join in on the celebration.

But nobody came, and Mackenzie -- who suffers from a developmental disorder called Sotos Syndrome -- was heartbroken.

Jenny, too, was hurt. She took to Facebook to voice her frustrations on a mother's group page.

She wrote,

I want so much for Mackenzie to belong and for her to have friends and people to accept her for who she is.

And in a final attempt to rescue Mackenzie's birthday, Jenny invited the fellow mothers -- and their children -- to her home to celebrate via an event page on Facebook.

To Jenny's complete surprise, her home was packed with hundreds of people who'd shown up to celebrate Mackenzie's birthday; many had even brought gifts for the special birthday girl.

Hundreds more who couldn't attend joined the event page on Facebook to wish Mackenzie a happy birthday and show their support for the sweet young girl.

With their help, Mackenzie's birthday became every bit as wonderful as the young girl deserves.

From all of us here at Elite Daily: Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!

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