Homeless Man Saves Woman By Beating Up Man Who's Trying To Rape Her

A man was arrested for an attempted rape in Washington DC thanks to the help of a homeless man.

Ketrell Ferguson had become homeless not too long ago, NBC Washington reports, and was searching for somewhere to sleep at around 3:30 am on Tuesday, when he says he heard screams from nearby.

He initially believed a robbery was taking place but soon discovered that a woman was being assaulted.

Police say 23-year-old Alemen Gonzalo had met the victim at a bus stop and asked if she'd accept money to have sex with him.

He allegedly tried to rape her when she refused.

Some of Ferguson's relatives have suffered the same fate, so he wasn't about to stand by and let it happen, he told NBC Washington.

Ferguson found half a brick and a stick and launched an attack of his own.

He said,

As soon as he lifted his head up, I smacked him with the stick hard as I could in his head. He fell off the lady, stumbled and I smacked him again and I just kept smacking him with the stick as hard as I could.

Police eventually caught up with the suspect a little over an hour later.

He hadn't ventured too far from the scene, most likely due to the bloody wounds inflicted by Ferguson.

The unlikely hero added,

Even though I'm going through hard times, God put in me in a place where I could help. I was at the right place at right time.

Gonzalo has since been charged with assault with the intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse.

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