Heroic Guy Breaks Through Frozen River To Save A Dog Trapped In Ice (Video)

Though the term “superhero” usually refers to a fictional character like Batman or Spider-Man, real-life superheroes do exist, albeit rarely.

This man is one of them.

A video uploaded to Reddit shows a man bravely wading through an ice-covered river to rescue a dog that had fallen in.

Russian newspaper KP described the incident (translated by Redditor iiRunner),

The cameraman was driving and pulled over for 3 guys with the broken car. While they were talking, they spotted something struggling in the river. A bystander, Ivan of 21 years, jumped in and rescued that stray dog. When they got to the shore, the dog was scared and took off.

Afterward, according to iiRunner's translation, Ivan warmed up in the driver's car, and the pair drove to the grocery store to buy vodka “to warm up more” (because, Russia).

There, Ivan spotted the dog he'd rescued, took it as a sign and adopted the little pooch, which he named Rex.

Whether or not these details are entirely accurate doesn't really matter: Footage doesn't lie.

The bottom line is this insanely brave man really did jump into an ice-covered lake to rescue a freezing dog and, in my book, that's about as heroic as it gets.

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