Heartbreaking Photos Show Parents Saying 'Goodbye' To Newborn Babies

by Emily Arata

An infant who dies shortly after birth was part of the family for nine months and always will be.

An organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), founded in April 2005, uses a staff of volunteer photographers to capture the images of infants who died before birth or shortly after in the hospital.

For countless families, these complimentary portraits are a priceless aid in the healing process.

The intimate photographs, often taken in a hospital setting, tangibly show the love parents feel for their children.

No matter whether the child lives or dies, he or she holds a special place in the hearts of all those who knew him or her.

Parents cannot forget the death of their infant.

Thanks to a reported 1,600 photographers, NILMDTS provides a valuable resource in a difficult time.

According to the agency, its artists work in 40 countries worldwide and every US state.

In times of great stress, it's sometimes difficult to remember the circumstances clearly.

Mourning parents may only be able to recall their infant's face with the smallest degree of clarity.

NILMDTS was founded by mother Cheryl Haggard and photographer Sandy Puc'. Puc' shot remembrance portraits of Haggard's son before his death.

Today, the free service is available to any parent about to lose a child.

The nonprofit's promotional video gives an even better sense of the way it aids brokenhearted families.