Haircuts For The Homeless Video Shows That We're Really All The Same

The only things separating you from the homeless man or woman on the corner are a steady income, a haircut and a hot shower.

In a video uploaded last month that since went viral, barbers Tim Doma and Terrance Fines give free trims and shaves to four men from Los Angeles' Union Rescue Mission.

In just a few snips and buzzes, these man are ready for job interviews and indistinguishable from anyone you'd pass on the street.

Tyler Bridges, the film's writer and producer, told BuzzFeed he hopes to remove the stigma of homelessness and encourage the idea that homelessness can happen to anyone.

And Bridges isn't the only one working to help the homeless.

In New York City and across the country, individuals are stepping up to help with free haircuts for anyone in need.