Guy Uses A Cutout Of The Dos Equis Man As A Passenger To Drive In HOV


Some people will do anything to cheat the law.

For one driver in Washington, that meant putting a cardboard cutout of Jonathan Goldsmith (aka Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World) in his car's passenger seat so he could get away with driving in the traffic-free, high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.

The driver, who remains anonymous, was pulled over by a Washington State trooper, who “immediately recognized it was a prop and not a passenger,” according to colleague and trooper Guy Gill.

He said,

Allegedly, the driver joked,

He was slapped with a $124 ticket, but not before the trooper snapped a picture of the hilarious attempt that was posted on the official Washington State Patrol District 1 Twitter account.

The caption reads,

Though the driver did end up with a fine, Gill gives him “an A for creativity.”

The trooper said,

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