Guy Opens His Bag Of Chips And Instead Finds An Entire Potato Inside (Photos)


A British architectural designer opened a bag of chips to find nothing but a whole potato.

According to Daily Mail, 25-year-old Richard Bootman immediately showed the bag of Snackrite steak and onion chips, which he had bought from the supermarket, to the rest of his office in Bury St. Edmunds, England.

Bootman told,

He then reached out to the grocery store by posting an image of the bag on Twitter.

Bootman says he will gladly purchase chips from Aldi again but will feel the bag next time.

A spokesman said,

Aldi wasn't lying when it advertised the product as "100 percent British potatoes."

The bag was airtight and had no chip residue.

Bootman said the potato looked as if it had been prepped to be cooked.

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