This Creepy Green Worm With A Pink Tongue Is Freaking Everyone Out (Video)

It's official: Aliens exist.

At least that's what the recent discovery of a freaky pink-tongued, green-bodied slime creature has led many (otherwise rational) people to believe.

A Taiwanese fisherman named Wei Cheng Jain caught the bizarre specimen while fishing in the port of Penghu.

Texturally similar to a jellyfish, the creature stumped many -- but experts say the creepy-crawly is likely a ribbon worm.

The carnivorous creature feeds on clams and crustaceans and can reach lengths of up to 60 meters, or about 196 feet -- that, my friends, is longer than a blue whale.

Thankfully, most only grow to about 20 centimeters long, and they're pretty rare to find; the majority of the flat-bodied critters hide out on the ocean floor.

Check out Jain's video of the snake-like worm, and thank your lucky stars you are unlikely to ever come across one of these disgusting creatures in your lifetime.

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