Goldfish Used As Bait Hid From Predators For 7 Years In Filtration Tank

Shima Marineland

Goldfish aren't really known for their longevity, and that's precisely what makes this fishy's tale of survival so damn impressive.

Seven years ago, a wee little goldfish was released into a large aquarium tank at Japan's Shima Marineland to be used as live bait for the fierce arapaima fish on display.

Somehow, the little fish managed to hide in a small crevice and later escaped into a filtration tank, out of reach of the carnivorous fish.

There, it fed on food scraps and survived solo for an incredible seven years, and it was recently discovered by aquarium staff during a routine filter cleaning.

The goldfish grew to a whopping 10 inches and turned a pale golden color due to the lack of sunlight, but it otherwise maintained near-perfect health in its little enclave.

The Darwinian dynamo now has its own display at the aquarium, and it has quickly become a major attraction for fascinated visitors.

If that isn't the most impressive tale of survival ever, I don't know what is.

Here's to the little swimmer's seven years of solitude.

Shima Marineland

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