Girl's Sweet 16 Is Ruined When Planes Dump Poop All Over Her Backyard


A Pennsylvania girl's Sweet 16 turned into a literal sh*tshow after five planes flying overhead accidentally released their foul-smelling cargo in her backyard.

According to Fox 29, Jacinda's Sweet 16 was held Sunday evening in a backyard filled with a pool, games and a newly-purchased canopy tent that would soon prove quite vital.

Approximately 40 people were in attendance at the Levittown, Pennsylvania party.

The party was going just fine until a mysterious element started raining down from above.

Jacinda's stepfather, Joe Cambray, told Fox 29,

Much of the poop landed on the tent Joe reportedly bought just hours before the party in case of unforeseen precipitation.

Joe continued,

It's not clear how the poop fell out of the planes.

The family filed a complaint with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The FAA plans to investigate the incident.

Planes are supposed to discard all fecal matter at an airport, the FAA told Fox 29.

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