The Internet Is Freaking Out Over A 'Ghost' Hanging Out At Disneyland (Video)

Historically, humans have always had a sort of fascination with ghosts, one that often manifests in the form of eerie stories meant to prove the existence of the beings.

Such stories are rarely convincing. Videos that depict ghosts, on the other hand, are harder to dismiss.

This is one such video.

The footage, a Disneyland surveillance video from 2009, shows what appears to be a ghost roaming the deserted park grounds.

If you look closely, you can make out the shadow of a human form (partially illuminated by streetlights) moving quickly down the park's path, from the left side of the screen to the right.

The video resurfaced on Friday thanks to Reddit user _littlehell, who brought the eerie apparition to users' attention.

Some believe the “form” is merely a glitch in the tape; others speculate it's Walt Disney's ghost.

Whatever it is, it's there -- and it's creepy as all hell.

See for yourself in the video up top.

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