Gay Couple Of 54 Years Is The First To Finally Get Married In Dallas (Photos)


Friday marked a monumental day in our country's history as same-sex marriage was officially legalized nationwide.

Just hours after the Supreme Court announced the news, hundreds of couples throughout the country tied the knot in their home states -- able, for the first time, to officially celebrate their love.

Jack Evans, 85, and his partner, 82-year-old George Harris, were one of these couples.

The two Texans have been together for a mind-blowing 54 years. They became the first of 170 same-sex couples who married that day in Dallas County, according to NBC 5.

It's fitting: Both Evans and Harris spent decades lobbying for gay rights in the Lone Star State, and together, they founded both the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce and LGBT community project The Dallas Way.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Evans gushed,

While county clerks in Texas will still be able to refuse same-sex couples marriage licenses based on religious objections in some instances, the countrywide referendum is an incredible step forward in the fight for true equality.

Things are looking up.

Jack Evans and George Harris have been together since 1961.

Both native Texans, they dreamed of marrying in their home state and vowed to wait until that was possible.

On Friday, the loving couple got married.

Their marriage at Dallas' City Hall was incredibly emotional.

And their nuptials have been receiving tons of much-deserved press.

Congratulations, you two!

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