NSFW Emoji Will Take Your Sexting Game To The Next Level

by Adam Pliskin

Emoji are great for cutely expressing simple emotions in a highly visual way. But they're not exactly sexy, which means they're not exactly appropriate to use while sexting.

But never fear, brave sexters of the world, Flirtmoji is here to change all that.

Flirtmoji are text-able stickers of a sexual nature that you can incorporate into your text game by copying and pasting them into your messages.

They were created by four designers in California after each experienced the limitations of traditional emoji while in sexual situations.

The Flirtmoji include a wide array of sexual stickers such as handcuffs, condoms, penises, vaginas, breasts and an assortment of sex toys.

The designers also went to great lengths to make sure that the Flirtmoji represented an entire spectrum of races, sexual orientations and sexual preferences.

One of the designers named Katy McCarthy said,

My friends and I are not accurately represented in emoji, and it's frustrating. And particularly with sex, we felt that it was so crucial that everyone feel sexually represented. We wanted to be able to show this to all of our friends and have them all feel comfortable. We wanted them to be able pick their own body parts in the emoji — within the limits of size and colors.... It's not supposed to be college frat humor, although part of being inclusive is making it funny. It's just not that hard to have everybody feel represented.

One of the driving forces behind this project was that, according to McCarthy, communication is key to a healthy sex life.

She said,

I think that whatever it takes for you to be able to communicate what you want or need, or what you don't want and don't need is fine. With other emoji, there's definitely a time and a place. I don't want to be broken up with in emoji. But I think with sex there are things that are really hard to say and hard to ask for, and that's such a beautiful window to be able to provide someone with language.

With that in mind, copy and paste Flirtmoji now and let the sexting begin.

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