These Firefighters Just Released A Calendar Full Of Hot Men And Puppies (Photos)

Christmas may be over, but the Fire Department of Charleston, South Carolina just blessed the world with one final holiday gift -- the release of its annual calendar featuring half-naked firemen cozying up to pint-sized puppies and kittens.

These firemen aren't your ordinary rescue workers, either. They're like, the Ryan Goslings of the firefighting world.

In essence, they're gorgeous -- and perfectly on display for us mere humans to drool over.

Even better: Proceeds from the calendar's sales are donated to Toby's Fund, Charleston Animal Society's charity fund to “treat injured, abused and abandoned animals to sustain the first no-kill community in the Southeast.”

So -- sexy male models, cute animals and a good cause all wrapped up into one glorious calendar.

What more could we ask for? (Answer: nothing.)

And without further ado, I present to you: The 2015 Charleston Firefighter Calendar. Enjoy.

Those. Biceps.

He's so hot, he's smokin'... literally.

We like 'em a little dirty.

The dog's face says it all.

He's on fire!

I don't know whose eyes are more beautiful -- his or the dog's.

This doggy must be in heaven.

Don't worry, some of these sexy heroes are cat people.

 We'd be panting too, pup.

Gotta mark your man, b*tches!

Take a break for a sloppy kiss or two...

Or get cuddling!

This one's for you, cat ladies of the world.

This one, too. Me-owww!

This doggy-dude duo is everything.

And this artsy shot has us feeling breathless.

These guys are a package deal.

The ladies love it.

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