Ferguson Millennial Delivers Emotional Rap About The Reality Of The Situation (Video)

The tumultuous events that followed the shooting of an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, have captured the attention of the nation.

Many of the images to come out of Ferguson have been extremely disturbing and have resembled scenes of a war zone rather than an American city.

In a video that was filmed by Elite Daily on the streets of Ferguson, a local rapper and youth leader in the St. Louis area, UNIQUE, expresses his feelings on the situation through verse.

The pain and raw emotion in UNIQUE's voice capture the sentiment that currently pervades the town. You might not agree with the way he articulates everything, but it's apparent that this situation has deeply impacted the local people.

It's also brought up painful memories of America's troubled past, and the way in which the fight against racism is still holding us back as a country. His words expose the soul of Ferguson, and the gravity of the situation.

Do you have a story you'd like to share about racism in America? Let us know and we'll get the word out.

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