Wife Leads Mob Of Women To Strip And Beat Her Husband's Mistress

In an attack that locals describe as increasingly common, an angry wife violently ambushed her husband's mistress on the streets of Puyang, China.

The woman seems to have forgotten that sex takes two.

When the attacker discovered her husband was having an affair, she tracked down his 38-year-old mistress, Lin Yao Li, as she was running errands. With the aid of three friends, the scorned woman began beating Lin while shredding her clothes.

In a series of disturbing images, the naked, pained woman screams as her ambushers brutally yank her hair, kicking her breasts and genitals.

Not a single a person stopped to help Lin until the wife and her comrades had left the scene. One passerby reportedly said it was an "argument of the heart," and not to be disturbed.

Jun Feng, a local man who aided Lin when the attack was over, told local media that humiliation is a common punishment for infidelity:

Angry wives and girlfriends get their revenge on their cheating men by attacking the other woman. People don't tend to get involved.

Indeed, a similar gruesome attack on a woman was reported last month in Jinan City.

Jun and several others reportedly took Lin to the hospital, where she was treated for trauma associated with severe bruising and cuts. Local police reported having received no complaints associated with the incident.

The photos of the incident:

This video shows the similar attack that occurred last month: