Father Uses VR Headset To Watch Son's Birth From 2,500 Miles Away (Video)

The birth of a child is arguably a parent's most treasured memory.

So when Jason Larke, an electrical contractor, was given the opportunity to witness the birth of his child -- even though he was nearly 2,500 miles away for work -- he immediately agreed. 

Samsung offered Larke its new Gear VR headset to use when his wife Alison went into labor, pending the agreement that the couple's story would be featured in an advertisement for the product.

Larke obliged, and when his wife went into labor, the technology allowed the grateful new father to watch the birth of his son as if he were in the delivery room.

As promised, the incredible, heartwarming story is immortalized in Samsung's latest advertisement, which you can watch above. Be warned -- it's a tearjerker.

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