Elon Musk Denies Shaming Employee For Taking Time Off To See Childbirth


Elon Musk denied writing in an email that he was "extremely disappointed" in an employee's choice to skip a meeting to see the birth of a child.

The quotation was first published in Ashlee Vance's book, "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future."

It gained massive attention thanks to a Washington Post article from May 11 called "The 22 most memorable quotes from the new Elon Musk book, ranked."

Here's what the Tesla CEO allegedly told the worker:

The Washington Post reported Vance got the quote from an "anonymous Tesla employee."

Vance's book is said to be based off the 30 hours he spent talking to Musk, along with interviews with 300 people, according to The Verge.

But, Musk recently tweeted that he never spoke or wrote those cruel words.

Musk also denied the following quote:

Shortly after The Washington Post article was published, Musk said he has never referred to himself as a samurai.

Here are three other comparably outrageous quotes that are yet to be denied.

As The Verge suggests, Vance's goal seems to have been to expose Musk as a cold-hearted workaholic similar to Steve Jobs.

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