Guy's 'Eat Sleep Rape Repeat' Shirt Is The Worst Part Of Coachella (Photo)

Coachella is known for EDM, lots of drugs and questionable fashion choices.

However, one assh*le decided to take that third point a bit further, wearing a ridiculously disgusting shirt with the words "EAT SLEEP RAPE REPEAT" written on the front.

Was this guy setting out to win the "Biggest Douchebag of 2015" award? If so, he wins with flying f*cking colors.

I'm sorry, but the fact that anyone would wear this thinking it could be even remotely acceptable, even as a joke, just straight up pisses me off.

Who raised this guy? Seriously.

I hate when trolls like this find their way from out of the gutters and embarrass all of society with their stupidity and garbage. GO HOME TROLL, YOU'RE DRUNK.

Someone from Coachella better step up to the plate here and force this guy to change the words on his shirt. We get that you definitely didn't pack enough clothes for the entire festival, but with some fresh paint you can basically save yourself from getting destroyed.

If you're reading this, change the letter to make your shirt say "RAGE" or "RAVE" or even "RACE" if you see fit. It doesn't even have to make sense: Anything different than what you are doing right now is so much better.

I can't even. I'm done for the day.

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