Dog's Odd Birth Defect Makes It The Cutest Dog Ever (Photos)

Whoever said dogs were people too clearly knew what he was talking about. I, myself, have never really been a fan of dogs or animals as a matter of fact. I didn’t see how pet keepers were so in love with such a loud, barking dog, but I also was too terrified to have one.

It wasn’t until I read a story about a dog named Pig that made me realize dogs are people, too. Pig, a now famous dog, made her first, big debut at Do Dah Day Festival. Unlike your average cute and cuddly dog, Pig has a unique story.

Pig was born with extreme defects that made short survival practically inevitable. Being extremely underweight, Pig still managed to save herself and her sisters by barking loudly enough for a random woman to hear. The woman proceeded to take the dogs in and shelter them.

Another woman, Kim Dillenbeck, was visiting her sister in Atlanta when she heard about the magnificent Pig. Immediately after hearing Pig’s story, she set out to meet her. They quickly clicked and Pig and her sisters now had a new home.

Dillenbeck didn’t believe that Pig would survive long, but was happy to nurture her for the short time everyone believed the dog had left. The lady who had originally been watching Pig had suggested that she be put down instead of staying alive any longer.

Disregarding that comment, Dillenbeck took Pig home and Pig continues to make her laugh every single day. Dillenbeck decided to keep Pig’s name because her new pet actually resembled a pig.

Don’t understand??

Well, Pig is extremely underweight for 8 months old. People believe if she were to gain 20 more pounds, though, that would be the end of her life. Pig might act like a normal dog despite all her health issues, but to the world she looks like another species.

She's missing her spine and several ribs, has vertebrates fused and twisted and near her neck and her spinal cord splits into two separate cords. In addition to all these problems, her hips and joints are rotated in the wrong position.

Any human with these problems wouldn’t be as strong as Pig, who continues to run and eat despite the difficulty and pain she probably suffers.

No one knows exactly what’s wrong with Pig, but Dillenbeck believes she was granted a gift. She couldn’t be happier to be the caretaker of a dog with such an inspiring story and so much strength.

via AL, Photo Courtesy: AL