A Dog Got A Second Chance At Life After Owner Was Killed In A Tornado

After a devastating tornado hit Van, Texas almost two weeks ago, a Great Pyrenees was found among the rubble, in the arms of her deceased master, David Tapley.

Huffington Post reports after volunteers found the weary dog -- renamed Emma -- they took her to Nicholas Pet Haven.

During the storm, Emma reportedly suffered head trauma, a burst eardrum (leaving her permanently deaf in one ear) and bruising across her body.

That's when Michelle Shockley, one of the volunteers, decided the dog deserved a new home in order to rest and heal.

Shockley gave the dog, who is thought to be around 8 years old, her new moniker and brought her home to live with her family's pit bull and cat.

Emma's still adjusting and somewhat subdued, according to the family, but she's beginning to eat more and wag her tail.

Although Emma's normally quite fluffy, she was shaved for treatment.


According to ABC News, Emma is one of 10 canines that belonged to the now-deceased Tapleys.


The tornado took the lives of three of the other dogs.


The Shockley family adopted Emma and gave her a new birthday: The day she survived the tornado.

ABC News

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