Execs Arrested For Dating Site With Only 1 Woman Out Of 2.7M Users

These guys are the Bernie Madoffs of "Catfish" schemes.

Executives who ran multiple popular dating sites in Japan were arrested after it was revealed only one user, of the 2.7 million users hoping to find love through their sites, was a woman.

Let that sink in for a second. The combined ratio on their sites was 2,700,000 to 1 or, as it's known in college terms, “slightly better than the ratio of your average AEPI party.” #PIBurn

The eight dating site executives were able to keep users active and paying by having employees pose as potential mates.

Workers were even told to go as far as to email and text users in order to make them think they were having some success talking to girls -- even though the “girls” they were talking to had no intention of meeting up.

One regular user of the site spent over $100,000 on profiles, and it is believed over the 10 years the sites were running, the executives pocketed around $52.7 million.

Believe it or not, there is an actual term for this specific kind of fraud in Japan: sukura.

Sites like these have become such an issue in Japan, the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency started to run ads warning of sukura fraud.

I guess the last question to ask is this: With 2.7 million users and only one girl, who was the one girl and how is she not like SUPER married by now?

She must be the pickiest lady of all time.

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