Dad Has On-Point Response About Kids Missing School For Boston Marathon


Mike Rossi's children only missed three days of school to see their dad run the Boston Marathon, but it was long enough to merit a sternly-worded letter from their principal.

And the 47-year-old father is making headlines for his concisely worded response.

Philadelphia magazine reports Rossi was honored to have qualified for the marathon, and he spent months training. Even through a death in the family and a physical injury, Rossi pushed on.

When the marathon neared this past April, Rossi and his wife pulled their children out of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania's Rydal Elementary School for an extended weekend trip.

Although the weekend was one of personal success, Rossi was disappointed to see a disciplinary letter from the school arrive thereafter.

Rossi, who says he's very active in the education of his children, disavows the school's zero tolerance policy for absences.

Instead of apologizing, he penned the principal an impassioned note.

The principal's warning letter read:


Rossi responded with his own argument.

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