Dad Unknowingly Eats Daughter's Pot Brownies, Calls 911 For A 'Stroke'

A 58-year old man was sent to a hospital in Michigan after eating his daughter's pot brownies and mistaking his high for a stroke.

The father discovered he truly could not hang after eating several of the brownies that must have been left out after his daughter's innocent little baking party.

Apparently, he had no idea the brownies contained marijuana, so his alarmist response might have been somewhat justified.

But come on pops, a stroke? Here's some advice: You should always be suspicious any time a 17-year-old makes a batch of brownies and leaves any leftovers at all.

We all know if these were typical brownies, any teenager in her right mind would feel forced to eat every last one.

In the case of pot brownies, however, we tend to eat one or two, binge-watch Netflix and call it a day.

I bet this girl ended up nodding off in-between episodes of "Weeds" and "Breaking Bad."

The father's 911 call was answered by firefighters and police officers, and he was eventually escorted to St. Joseph's Hospital in Pontiac, MI, USA Today reports.

After they arrived, the man's daughter admitted what the brownies really were.