Dad Beard Is Everything Right Now, And Just In Time For Father's Day (Photos)

There's only thing more attractive than a man staring adoringly into the eyes of his child: one who does it with an impeccably-groomed beard.

While scrolling through Instagram, it's astonishingly easy to click a hashtag and find yourself staring at pictures of a community you didn't even know existed.

It's like you're Alice in Wonderland, but with fewer white rabbits and more estrogen.

That's just what we found when we did a little looking through the app's endless archive of pictures from proud fathers.

And what did we find? Behold, fair maidens, the Dad Beard.

Everyone loves a lush beard, but what about taking it a step further?

It's tough to raise a child and maintain a smooth face at the same time.

Who has an extra ten minutes for that, really?

These gruff-looking dads chose to embrace their inner lumberjacks instead of squeaky-clean skin.

It's making us swoon a little.

Not only are the men posting their #DadBeards handsome...

They're someone's life partner.

Which means they're responsible (probably) and kind (definitely).

On top of that, the follicle gods have been generous to these gifted, talented, kind men.

It can't feel good to have a baby yanking your facial hair...

But, that doesn't stop these guys from embracing their favorite facial-hair style.

Whether in 1970 or today, the #Dadbeard is timeless.

We're anything but upset by it.

Ah, dads of Instagram.

Keep posting your #DadBeard shots.

We appreciate them.

Oh, and happy Father's Day to all of you.

You – and your beard – are doing a quality job.