Couple Hospitalized After Getting Stuck Together During Ocean Sex

by Emily Arata

On a warm day in the waters off Italy's Porto San Giorgio, one couple decided to consummate their relationship in the sea.

Unfortunately, they couldn't separate after the deed was complete, no matter how much they tried. Things got uncomfortable quickly.

The couple had formed something of a seal by having sex underwater, and they were suctioned together. They reportedly waited in the water until a woman with a towel came by, at which point the couple made for land.

Helpful strangers called a medic, who helped transport the pair to a local hospital. There, doctors gave the woman a shot normally used to help dilate the cervix, at which point her lover was able to get free.

Let this be a lesson to the young and publicly frisky. As far as accidents go, no one got pregnant by a dwarf stripper or experienced a 17-hour erection, so this is pretty mild.

Just beware of the suction effect.

H/T: NY Daily News, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It