This Couple Dancing On A Subway Platform Is Completely Mesmerizing

This video is not only beautiful, but also someone with OCD's worst nightmare.

I am not saying Renee Kester and Phillip Chbeeb aren't incredibly talented dancers.

What I am saying is the floor of a subway station is probably the most disgusting place in the world.

There are construction site porta potties cleaner than the floor of the Union Square subway platform.

We've all been on a major city's subway system, and we know what kind of disgusting stuff happens there.

These two dancers just spent two minutes and 42 seconds rubbing their bodies all over it.

It's a beautiful video and tells a hauntingly touching story. The dancers are in sync the entire time, and you can tell there is real emotion to every move they make.

That being said, at least put a sheet down or something...

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