Countries And US States With The Highest STD Rates Might Surprise You

by Chris Riotta

For once, some entertaining news is coming out of Washington, DC: The district has the highest rate of gonorrhea diagnoses in the entire United States.

Yay, Amurrica!

A new study collected information on STDs from all over Europe and the United States, and the results indicate that the good ol' US of A has a teeny, tiny problem with things like chlamydia, hepatitis and syphilis when compared to our friends across the pond.

STDs Throughout The Country

It looks like our nation's capital takes the cake -- or penicillin -- when it comes to state averages of some other STDs, too.

Apparently, our government is operating in a plethora of sexual promiscuity and unsafe practices (but we already knew that). The data shows DC also has the highest rate of gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV patients in the country.

It's Not Much Better Across The Pond

That isn't to say we're the only ones with some issues.

Europe has some pretty scary numbers, and for anyone planning to travel to Britain any time soon, know this: The country has the highest HPV rate in the region.

Russia doesn't seem to be wrapping up before hitting the sheets either, as it's in the top five European countries for seven out of the eight diseases studied.

It's probably because they're not Putin any effort into progressing the federation's conservative base (see what I did there?).