The 'Confused Girl' Meme Teen Is Suing Instagram For $500 Million That She Probably Won't Get

by Alexia LaFata

The expression of the infamous "Confused Girl," the photo of the young black girl making a WTF face, is appropriate for so many occasions, and for that reason it has risen to become one of the more popular memes on the Internet.

The face, however, belongs to Keisha Johnson, a teenager from Alabama, who is now suing Instagram for $500 million for "defamation of character."

Johnson is dissatisfied with the way she looks in the photo.

She said,

My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up…I look nothing like that in really life…I’m really a bad b*tch!

Unfortunately, suing Instagram won't work. Instagram's Terms and conditions state that people who use the social network are responsible for the content they choose to share.

So Johnson would have better luck suing the person who first shared the photo, though finding out who that is might be an impossible task.

H/T: Complex, Photo Courtesy: Knowyourmeme